Teaching is Art.

– Mike Johnston

Anyone who has set themselves the task of continuously learning can react emphatically to student needs that arise in the learning process since teaching in this context is not merely based on the transfer of information, but also the ability to learn independently. That is why it is my job as a teacher to awaken the enjoyment of overcoming obstacles in the students, and by doing so make learning in itself the source of motivation. By showing students that the next success is always within sight if you wear the right glasses, I can make clear that innate talent plays a minor role compared to the willingness to spend time at the instrument regularly. That is why it is essentially possible for every person to learn to play the drums even up to a professional level. 


So while it is not in my hands whether students walk through the doors that I show in my role as a teacher, I can make sure that the unknown behind those doors appears as an appealing adventure, which the students can take on with confidence.

An exploratory approach requires us to consider our own development as an experiment, the desired results of which can be continuously optimised by adjusting the laboratory conditions. As a teacher, I exemplify that we as drummers all go through the same process, ensuring that the competition with everyone else, which is doomed to fail from the outset, is replaced by the project of becoming the best possible version of oneself. 

I am a teacher at "École de Batterie - Winni Borgolte" where I, in addition to my own studies, am also training to become a professional musician following the method of Dante Agostini. I also offer lessons privately in my own rehearsal room/studio that follow the concept of 'rhythmic continuity', which I am currently developing. At the didactic centre of this 'rhythmic continuity' lies the training and formation of the ability to ask the right questions, which ensures that what once seemed to be unattainable abilities suddenly turn into comprehensible elements that can be learned. Every individual will therefore be able to play a first groove and drum fill already during our first lesson as soon as it becomes clear that the basic nature of playing the drums can essentially be considered binary as long as all rhythmic figures can be reduced to playing notes at the same time or one after the other. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that drummers do not have four brains inside their heads with which they control their 4 limbs independently of one another, but that the number of basic elements that make up rhythmic figures while playing the drums is limited and thus manageable. 


Depending on the current availability, I offer the following formats for private lessons:


Weekly individual lessons of 45 minutes or optionally 30 minutes at a fixed time


Intermittent individual lessons of 45 minutes or optionally 30 minutes upon individual consultation, even at the last minute if possible


Intensive/compact courses on the weekend. For these I prepare a comprehensive concept for a total duration of up to 6 hours. The scope can be adjusted individually based on the student's current level of interest.

I am happy to share my prices with you upon request. Intensive courses are generally geared towards more experienced players with a particular focus of interest who are looking for specific impulses rather than the continuously mentoring within a teaching relationship. That being said, all teaching formats are nonetheless available to all potential students. 

Haven't found the right fit?

If you are not looking for a teaching relationship, but still find my approach interesting and would like to have access to individual exercises, transcriptions and zoom calls without any greater commitment, you will also find me on Patreon. Even if you just want to support my work with a small contribution. On my Patreon page, I regularly share videos and transcriptions of exercises I'm working on, and of course I'm available for questions as well.


Marc Seefried
Ulmenstraße 15
34117 Kassel
Insta: @marcseefrieddrums

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