Who am I?

Already as a beginner I wanted to play in bands and make music with other people. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to play with more experienced musicians in different formations from early on. With my first band 'Bloodmother' I was able to pursue my interest in progressive rock and metal. This contributed to my fundamental development as a drummer in that music and experimentation became inextricably connected.


I also learned about the appeal of demonstrating rhythmic playfulness more subtly and being able to combine it with continuous danceability in bands such as 'Phonogranite'. As a result, I am now able to express my ideal of rhythmically playful danceability in my main band 'Mykket Morton'.

During the early years of my development as a drummer, I received lessons from the improvisation guru Uli Vogeltanz. His broad rhythmic knowledge and affinity for polyrhythm as well as a teaching approach that for the most part does not require notes still influences my autodidactical studies to this day.

I have been a student at "École de Batterie - Winni Borgolte" since 2016 where both my studies and teaching approach follow the principles of the certified and internationally recognized Agostini method. With its strong emphasis on notation and various stylistic approaches, as well as the general systematic aim of preparing the student for all eventualities of the professional life of a drummer, the Agostini method represents a fertile antithesis to Uli Vogeltanz's approach, which is more oriented around occasion and improvisation. Both of these teachings are synthesized in the lessons I provide as a private drum teacher and are currently taking more and more systematic shape under the working title 'rhythmic continuity'.



Marc Seefried
Ulmenstraße 15
34117 Kassel
Insta: @marcseefrieddrums

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